What pissed me off is how much shit DC got from supposedly not doing a Wonder Woman movie, when it was pretty obvious that a WW film was happening. There were obvious signs like Gal Gadot signing a three-picture deal with WB and WB registering the WW movie domain.

I got beyond pissed that when…


Anonymous asked:

Do you think the Superman/Wonder Woman relationship will end in the future? I read somewhere about Geoff Johns saying in an interview that, "When their relationship ends, it's going to end badly." (Did he really say that? Questionable source.) What do you think?

hellyeahsupermanandwonderwoman answered:


The quote in context was about the then upcoming event Trinity War - whatever the intention was at the time, circumstances ie sales of Superman and Wonder Woman were strong enough warrant giving Diana and Clark a joint book.

Trinity war ended, and we got Superman/Wonder Woman the Comic.

Now a year later DC have shown their enthusiasm for the title with another high profile team taking over the book.

We’ve always said Diana and Clark will last as long as they sell books and merchandise.






Henry Cavill on Superman

Yep, cos snapping Zod’s neck is totally the right thing to do. So cool.

Yes. Because letting a mass murdering alien live and his Kryptonian army slay each and every human being on Earth so Krypton can ‘live again’ is totally the right choice.

Seriously what was the alternative? Zod made it clear he would never stop. Supes saved so many lives because of his actions in that moment

Yes choosing to kill zod rather than that family was the right thing to do.